Hallowed Ground Outdoors



JULY 3 FRI - 8:30PM
JULY 9 THU - 1:00AM
JULY 9 THU - 10:30AM
JULY 9 THU - 2:00PM
Joe Sir leaves his home state of Iowa for the new experience of hunting whitetails in Montana and opens an invite up to HGO fans on facebook to join him on the trip. Combining the love of whitetails new found friendships and the breathtaking scenery of the big sky country makes for an unforgettable experience as the lens of the HGO cameras capture this famed region of the U.S.


JULY 2 THU - 1:00AM
JULY 2 THU - 2:00PM
Joe & J.D. hunt Africa's most elusive animals and look to make an impact before they leave.

Host & Bios

Joe Sir

Joe Sir

Joe Sir was born and raised in a small Midwestern town in northern Iowa. It was here that he developed his love of hunting and the outdoors. After a stint at Northwest College where he is remembered for his performance on the basketball court, Joe returned home where he began orchestrating the beginnings of what would become Hallowed Ground Outdoors. Now at the helm of Rizen Media, Joe resides in his hometown with his wife and 3 kids.

J.D. Huitt

J.D. Huitt

J.D. Huitt grew up in east central Missouri where he spent countless hours in the woods hunting whatever might be in season at the time. After receiving a degree in education, J.D. returned home and began developing his skills in outdoor cinematography and editing. In 2011, he locked arms with Joe Sir to see the launch of Hallowed Ground Outdoors on The Sportsman Channel. He currently resides close to where he grew up with his wife and 3 kids.



Co-produced by Joe Sir and J.D. Huitt, Hallowed Ground Outdoors follows the lives of men with purpose as they search not only for the moments that are transformed into memories, but for the truth that lies just beneath them.

Fusing the thrill of the hunt with the depths of the journey and capturing it all with a style of cinematography that will leave you breathless, Hallowed Ground Outdoors is more than just a TV show. It’s an opportunity for a glimpse at the soul.