Handguns is the only television show in America focused exclusively on the most popular firearm, handguns. Each week, Handguns examines pistols, revolvers, ammunition and accessories used in a core handgun environment such as police service, home defense, competitive shooting and hunting.

Handguns is hosted by two recognized experts in the field—Aaron Roberts, a former Texas State Trooper and member of the 10th Mountain Division, who is a nationally recognized handguns competitor and firearms instructor; and Brian Stas, a Master-at-Arms with the U.S. Navy, a Trooper with the Connecticut State Police, and a Police Officer for the NYPD in the South Bronx. Join us each week on Handguns where we are dedicated to “Showing How Handguns Get it Done.”

Host & Bios

Aaron Roberts

Aaron Roberts

Five years of service in the 10th Mountain Division, Long-Range Surveillance Detachment; also served as a Texas State Trooper. Aaron is a nationally recognized competitive handguns shooter and firearms instructor.