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Feral hogs are an ever-increasing problem in the state of Texas. Each year they cause billions of dollars of damage with their destructive behavior.

Heli-Hunter is a reality based show that follows Craig Meier and Terrell Coleman on their day-to-day grind of aerial hog eradication. Throughout the past several years the hog population has grown tremendously and these guys have been at the forefront of hog eradication. Realizing that traditional hunting methods will never be enough to keep up with the growth in population, Craig and Terrell decided to take a more extreme approach. Using a helicopter to flush the pigs out of hiding gives the hunters a major advantage and allows the opportunity to eradicate thousands of pigs each year.

Host & Bios

Craig D. Meier

Craig D. Meier

Craig’s been an eyewitness to the population explosion of feral hogs in Texas. He’s trapped, ground hunted, hunted with dogs, used night vision, thermal imaging, and was all too aware that the efforts were futile.

Craig decided that the only way to become more effective was to patrol farms and ranches regularly with helicopters. He decided to start his own aviation company in 2009 and took his flight training at Sky Helicopter in Garland, Texas. The safety of his crew and his customers are the number one priority. Craig teamed up with long time friend Terrell Coleman; together, they have been leaders and innovators of the aerial eradication industry. Since the law was passed in 2011 making it legal for members of the general public to be gunners, Heli Hunter has grown into one of the most well known aerial hunting companies in the country.