Hog Dawgs


Hog Dawgs combines the very dangerous job of nuisance animal control with alluring huntresses who jump into the fray corralling feral pigs, alligators, snakes and coyotes on a daily basis. The women of Hog Dawgs are deadly serious about the task of eradicating nuisance animals from ranches and farms by putting their skills with the tools of the trade – rifles, shotguns, bows or knives – to the test and getting the job done…with a woman’s touch.

Host & Bios

Ray Finn

Ray Finn


Ray co-founded Hog Dawgs after retiring 35 years in the heavy construction industry. He is an avid sportsman; fishing, hunting, sporting clays and range shooting. His love for hunting and dogs led him to the exciting business utilizing trained dogs to hunt wild nuisance hogs. Ray says, “When you hear a herd of wild hogs coming through the swamp they sound like a freight train. You depend entirely on the skills and courage of your dogs.”

Hog Dawgs, LLC, services the ranch and farm industry targeting nuisance and predator animals. These nuisance animals are no match for his team of professional men and women of Hog Dawgs, who believe in God for safety and guidance.

Jackie Porter

Jackie Porter


Jackie co-founded Hog Dawgs after retiring from her corporate life. She owned and operated a multi-million dollar corporation of retail plant nurseries and garden centers in the State of Florida. Jackie dealt with feral hogs rooting up fields and destroying woody ornamental and tree crops at her wholesale plant growing farm operation. She knows the damage these feral hogs can do to pasture grasses, sod farms and agriculture crops throughout the State.

Jackie says Hog Dawgs women are smart, witty, and versatile; they love the tradition of outdoor shooting, hunting and fishing. Jackie and Ray’s family pets include two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a Mississippi Catahoula Leopard dog.