Hoss Off the Grid


Hoss Off the Grid is adventure travel on a mission. Whether in his own back yard in the Pacific Northwest or in the Jungles of Guyana, Hoss uses the excitement of sport fishing to tell the story of the real world drama taking place in our waters. Working with advocates and scientists in “Eco-moments” and checking out the something unique about the area he’s fishing in “Locals Only”, Hoss gives viewers a unique experience and something to think about as he fishes the world’s greatest fisheries.

Host & Bios

Jon ''Hoss'' Haas

Jon ''Hoss'' Haas

Sportsman, Active Advocate for our fisheries and Sustainability expert, TV host Jon “Hoss” Haas is considered a maverick and trailblazer. An outspoken advocate for protecting the worlds fisheries and ecosystems, Hoss provides the understanding and ability to communicate the impacts of man’s affect in simple and comprehensive ways. He fights for the fish by fighting big fish, showcasing their incredible value and attributes, while educating viewers about the real world struggle taking place in our waters to protect them. Jon also fights for the fish as an active Board member of CCA Oregon and by chairing their communications committee as well as participating on the National Board for the Coastal Conservation Association.