Additional Airings

Week of Apr 14: MON 9:00PM
Week of Apr 21: TUE 12:00AM
WED 5:30PM
Dazing Arizona
A vicious case of vertigo threatens Jerry's chances; Clint struggles at his hometown match; Max tries to keep up with his arch rival
Week of Apr 28: WED 5:30PM
TUE 12:00AM
Week of Apr 21: MON 9:00PM
Slinging in the Rain
Mother Nature makes her mark on the season's first major championship as Max begins his quest to become the first to win pistol shooting's triple crown; Jerry and Clint prepare for an epic showdown


Hot Shots Presented By Cheaper Than Dirt is a documentary style television series that offers behind-the-scenes access to three of the greatest shooters in the world as they prepare for and compete in the most prestigious events in shooting.

The series stars The Louisiana Legend, Jerry Miculek, who’s widely considered the greatest all-around shooter in history; world champion Max Michel, a 6-time USPSA national champion and three-time World Speed Shooting champion who’s currently the most dominant pistol shooter alive; and 3-Gun champion Clint Upchurch, the only pro shooter sponsored by iconic firearms manufacturer Colt.

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The Sportsman Channel