For nearly 20 years the Hunter’s Specialties cameras have been roaming the woods, waters, prairies and mountains of North America. In that time Hunter’s Specialties has taken great pride in showing more than “just hunting” by paying great attention to explaining the “whys” and “hows” that made a hunt successful. Hunter’s Specialties signature “Edutainment” Style of Video & Television Production continually raises the bar for Outdoor Television & Video Production.

With veteran host Rick White along with the highly respected Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staff, Hunter’s Specialties Outdoors continues the proud tradition of television “as real as it gets.”

Host & Bios

Rick White

Rick White

Rick White’s love for the outdoors was apparent at an early age.  Around the age of six his father got it started. “He’s the one that got me out shooting,” said Rick.  “He got me involved with pheasant, squirrel, and rabbit hunting.  It just evolved from there.”  Evolve it did.  In 1974, at the age of 12, he went deer hunting for the first time.  “I actually got two that year,” says Rick.

38 years later, it is still memorable.   “It’s still sticks out in my mind. (My first deer hunt,)” says Rick.  “Just getting to share that with my dad, the way the hunt went, the excitement of it, will always stick in my mind.”