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Simplifying For Success - All New
The In-Fisherman staff tinkers and dinkers with class strategies, as they rig sink worms for largemouth bass, wade the waters of Green Bay for pig-time smallmouths, and use casting bobbers for shallow crappies.

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Peaking Periods In Play
The In-Fisherman staff focuses on super hot seasonal patterns, as they work over prespawn river walleyes, reveal timing strategies for world-class crappies, and fish one of the hottest waters in North America for giant smallmouths.


World famous for tackling every species of freshwater fish, the distinguished In-Fisherman magazine staff leads you on unforgettable journeys to the best fishing spots in North America covering lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and coastal waters.

Variety is the key to the success and popularity of In-Fisherman Television as it captures all the action of catching big fish. Each show includes tips for catching a variety of fish, including largemouth bask, smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, trout, catfish, muskie, northern pike and many more.

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