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JULY 24 TUE - 4:00AM
JULY 26 THU - 12:00PM
JULY 27 FRI - 7:30PM
Host Corey Brossman hunts the Midwest for giant whitetails during the opening week of the Illinois archery season. His young daughter flies into camp for a youth hunt filled with excitement.


Hunting TV that takes you there! You will feel like you have just returned from a trip of your own, after following host Corey Brossman along on an action packed adventure. Travel with Corey each week as he embarks on a new hunt, and you too will experience the preparation, journey, anticipation and heartfelt results, while enjoying many new and old friendships along the way.

Corey and the Innerloc all-stars take you to far away places for various game, such as alligators, sting rays, whitetail deer, wild turkey and more. From archery hunts in Kansas, to bow-fishing the swamps of Florida, Innerloc’s Out There will Rule the Woods and Rule the Water.

Host & Bios

Corey Brossman

Corey Brossman

Corey Brossman has wanted to host his own hunting show since he was a young boy growing up in Reading, Pennsylvania. His father taught him the love of the outdoors at a very young age. While in high school, he and his friends created a hunting show for their school project. While other kids were partying late into the night, Corey was at home asleep, dreaming of going hunting and filming with his family the next morning.

Corey’s taken many different species of game. From frogs to giant buffalo, he strives to bring quality outdoor entertainment to your television. Given the name “Bowfishing Guru”, showing how to extend your bow season is what he’s all about. He enjoys hunting and bow-fishing year round, in many different states. Given the nickname “Bowfishing Guru,” Corey Brossman strives to set the benchmark in the bow-fishing community.