Jarrett Edwards tours the west coast targeting freshwater bass one week then chases sharks the next. Jarrett Edwards Outdoors focus is to bring the viewer the latest techniques that the west has to offer but we don’t stop there. We won’t just show you the technique we will teach you how to use it during your next fishing adventure. Our guests are some of the nation’s leading professional anglers giving the viewer their best fishing techniques.

Host & Bios

Jarrett Edwards

Jarrett Edwards

Jarrett Edwards caught the Colorado state record largemouth bass in 1997 and that set off a career he never expected. Fishing his way up the ranks and joining the Bassmaster tournament trail he competed for 9 years.

He then had a battle of a lifetime and won against Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. Taking full advantage of his 2nd chance Jarrett started his TV show Jarrett Edwards Outdoors. He is now able to share his love and secrets of fishing with others.

Jarrett set out to help veterans by creating Operation Outdoors USA. The program lets veterans and enlisted soldiers know they are appreciated and raises finances for the Lone Survivor Foundation.