Kings of Gettin’ Em Keith Cherry “KC” and Andy Mack “The Doc,” share the same passion, love and respect for the outdoors and harvesting mature trophy class animals all over the world. They hunt from their ranches in Texas to the Savannah’s of Africa, the greater challenge, the greater the reward. They come together for the pursuit of game.

World class whitetails, exotic animals, monster bull elk, cape buffalo and many more. KC and The Doc stalk their animals and specialize in archery.

Host & Bios

Andy Mack

Andy Mack

Andy Mack “The Doc” is an avid hunter. He has no greater passion then pursuing wild game! He was born in Longview TX, and grew up hunting with his dad and two brothers.

Doc has gone on many hunts and killed numerous types of animals all over the world, from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains to Savannah’s of Africa. If animals live there he goes there. Andy’s weapon of choice is his bow. The Outdoors is definitely his calling. “Train like no one else, hunt like no one else!”