Hosted by the nation’s first mother and daughter team, Tammy and Brittany Koenig, Leading Ladies Outdoors will bring you exciting big game bow hunts and inspirational stories of those handling adversity while pursuing the hunting lifestyle.

During this exciting series, the outdoor organizations that selflessly help these sportsmen and women enjoy the outdoors will be featured. Join this bowhunting crazed duo as they use their 50 plus combined years of bowhunting experience to bring you up close, heart pounding hunts as well as tales of real life heroes. Christ centered and family orientated, Leading Ladies will capture your heart.

Host & Bios

Tammy Koenig

Tammy Koenig

Since the age of 16 Tammy has been passionate about bowhunting. A self-taught veteran bowhunter of 36 years she has taken over 100 animals and forged the way for today’s women hunters. Tammy was the first woman to teach an all-woman bowhunting class in the world (Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program 1991).

Recognized as a successful hunter she provided archery tips for a local outdoor show which blossomed into hunting on national outdoor shows. Over the years her daughter Brittany has shared the woods, her love of horses and the love of Christ. Together they have a unique blend of family, faith and hunting adventures.