Livin’ the Dream with Captain Jimmy Nelson


APRIL 23 MON - 3:30PM
APRIL 26 THU - 10:30AM
APRIL 28 SAT - 12:00PM
APRIL 28 SAT - 10:30PM
Captain Jimmy Nelson is in Grand Cayman sight fishing bonefish and it's not long before he hooks into a barracuda.


Livin’ the Dream with Captain Jimmy Nelson is not your typical fishing show but a saltwater adventure that blends inshore fishing, offshore fishing and diving to highlight popular saltwater activities in tropical destinations around the world. Joining Captain Jimmy on most of these adventures is Luiza of Fishing with Luiza. Captain Jimmy and Luiza are an energetic power couple who pack the show with action and information guaranteed to land big fish. Captain Jimmy captures their experiences in these locations as well as explaining to the viewers the proper way to fish and dive the specific locations. With a passion to share his fishing and diving experiences, Captain Jimmy, Luiza and featured guests explore Florida, the Caribbean and other highly sought after destinations around the world. Join Capt. Jimmy and his guests for a thrilling ride as they live the dream.

Host & Bios

Captain Jimmy Nelson

Captain Jimmy Nelson

Captain Jimmy Nelson is a Florida native who has dedicated his life to the world of fishing. His passion for the coast coupled with his commitment for the “thrill of the big catch” has catapulted Jimmy to the forefront of the fishing community. For more than 30 years he has been fishing the flats, reefs and sea’s deepest blue in search of the big fish. Jimmy’s enthusiasm is evident in the catch, while his passion shines through in his photography and his commitment to preservation for the generations to come.