Long Range Pursuit


JUNE 21 THU - 5:30PM
Predators didn't stand a chance with the extermination squad on the mission. The new Gunwerks Co-pilot rifle takes center stage and shows why this gun was designed to be the passenger on a run and gun mission.
JUNE 25 MON - 1:00PM
JUNE 25 MON - 10:30PM
JUNE 26 TUE - 6:00AM
JUNE 28 THU - 5:30PM
Known as one of the most advanced Native American tribes, the Zuni people have a very storied history. Chad Fraughton visits some of the ancient Zuni sites and gets a history lesson in Zuni culture while hunting elk on the prized Zuni Reservation.


The Gunwerks crew raises the bar in their pursuit of all things long Range. From the snow capped peaks of Alaska to the plains of the great Karoo in South Africa our Gunners prove that taking game at long range is not only possible but, when done right, can be ethical as well. As the crew pursues long range excellence members of the audience can gain valuable education and insight into in the long range space and begin their own long range pursuit.

Host & Bios

Aaron Davidson

Aaron Davidson

Raised in Rural Wyoming, Aaron is a classic combination of Wyoming grit and ingenuity. These traits are even more evident when you become familiar with the company he founded, Gunwerks. When his passion for hunting and shooting merged with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Wyoming his path became clear and the Shooting Industry has been forever changed because of it. He still calls rural Wyoming home and along with his wife, Janet, and their children lead the Gunwerks crew in the Long Range Pursuit!

Mike Davidson

Mike Davidson

On the Television Series, Long Range Pursuit, Mike Davidson show’s his passion for pursuing Big Game Trophies. Mike and Aaron grew up hunting Mule Deer, and that continues to be Mike’s main interest—although, he will go hunting for ANYTHING at a moment’s notice!

When Mike is not hunting, he’s planning the next hunt, and for the other 60 hours in the workweek he manages the sale and production of Gunwerks Rifles–he is the hookup for your long-range setup.