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New Territory "A Duff Tale"
Jeff and Duff head out on a lifelong dream hunt in Alberta Canada in hopes of catching a mature buck in their early season patterns. Duff goes one way and Jeff the other, this episode features Duff as he tries to lay his eyes on a buck he's nicknamed "Thumper". During the pursuit of this giant 8 point he has a 180"+ buck come into the alfalfa and close the distance as light fades.


Hosts Jeff Danker and Matt Duff will take the viewer through an entire season of deer hunting successes and failures, delivering in a very unique way every aspect of their hunts. Jeff and Matt believe that there is always something that can be learned from every experience in the field, both good and bad!

Their passion and success for harvesting big bucks was what formed a special friendship among the two. It’s through their eyes that the viewer will be entertained, but more importantly, educated as to what both Jeff and Matt have learned through the years that has helped them become more successful bowhunters!

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