Midwest Whitetail with Bill Winke


On Midwest Whitetail with Bill Winke, viewers can expect the episodes to be similar in nature to the many articles Winke has penned for hunting magazines. Each week, Winke will take one piece of the whitetail strategy puzzle and pick it apart using hunts and interviews to bring it to life.

The goal is to entertain viewers with fast-paced hunting action while also providing education so they can replicate the success on their own ground. Join Winke and his prostaff as they hunt whitetails with gun and bow throughout the Midwest.

Host & Bios

Bill Winke

Bill Winke

Bill Winke started his career in the hunting industry in 1991 when he sold his first article to Petersen’s Bowhunting magazine. Since that time, he has been published several thousand times in more than 25 different magazine titles. At one point, Winke was writing seven different national columns for magazines ranging from Outdoor Life to vertical publications like North American Whitetail and Petersen’s Bowhunting.

Bowhunting for whitetail deer has always been Winke’s passion and since 2008 he has also been bringing that passion to the video world through his MidwestWhitetail.com web video series. Winke eventually began hosting the popular Midwest Whitetail television show on The Sportsman Channel.