Mojo TV


MARCH 24 SAT - 3:30PM
Terry travels north for the second year in a row to hunt with Wolf guru, Jim Mercier. Calling in a Wolf has been a long-time dream for Terry and this year he will try to make it a reality. However, warm temps will make this hunt a challenge.
MARCH 27 TUE - 3:00AM
MARCH 27 TUE - 8:30AM
MARCH 29 THU - 5:00AM
MARCH 31 SAT - 3:30PM
Terry fulfills a lifelong dream and heads to Australia with hopes of shooting a water buffalo. Along for the trip is Bill Bassham of Trophy Expeditions and Skip Knowles of Predator Nation. Hopping Marsupials, new sounds and a beautiful Outback landscape proves to be the adventure Terry has sought over the years.


Get ready for a new look as Mojo Outdoors, A leader in the innovative design of revolutionary new hunting products along with it’s industry leading motion decoy line, ramp up the action in an all-new series called, Mojo TV. It combines some of the best hunting destinations around the globe with world class television production.

Team Mojo consists of professional hunter and owner of Mojo Outdoors, Terry Denmon, outdoor television pioneer Mike Morgan, and avid waterfowler and general manager of Mojo, Chuck Smart, along with some of the continents top hunters in their respective fields, take you on hunts that are sure to get your adrenaline flowing.

Host & Bios

Terry Denmon

Terry Denmon

Terry is a professional hunter with over 50 years of experience having grown up in a rural setting in a hunting family, which gave him the opportunity to start at a very early age. Since graduation from Engineering School, he has hunted the world extensively, guided and outfitted and today is an accomplished professional hunter with many trophies under his belt.

He has been involved in Outdoor Television for over 10 years having hosted or co-hosted and produced a number of shows included Hunting Across America and the various MOJO Outdoors TV Series.

Terry is President & CEO of the cutting edge outdoor products company, MOJO Outdoors.