Night Crew



Follow Night Crew as they bring the world of night hunting out of the dark and into the light. Take a ride in “THE RIG” on their journey across Texas as they light up the night and every predator in sight. Experience what hunting a predator in the dark is all about by seeing whats never been seen TILL NOW!

Host & Bios

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson grew up in North Texas along the Red River where his passion for hunting predators at night all began. His love and drive for bass fishing can only be equaled by one thing, and that’s blinding an approaching predator with his custom light rig in the middle of the night. Chris, alongside good friend Jared Clark, created a unique lighting system designed exclusively for filming predators at night in 2008 that has since become the adopted standard for filming predators in the dark worldwide. Their creation forever changed the face of night hunting from a viewer’s perspective and “THE LOOK” of Night Crew footage  is currently the adopted staple look throughout the night-time film industry alike. Remember, when you see “THAT LOOK”, it could have only come from one team…… Night Crew, cause that’s where it all began..