Join Tim Burnett and Marc Balistreri as they explore other “off-grid” hunters. They will look into their personal lives and jobs. Tim will get down and dirty to see what its like to live in their shoes for the day and learn about their hunting style and how they get off-grid.

Host & Bios

Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett is a husband, father and friend. Tim is also an accomplished hunter and has been an outdoor survivalist from an early age. “Mom still tells people stories of how I would grab my backpack and sleeping bag and take off for days on end with nothing more than a fishing pole and my dad’s old 22 rifle.”

Tim has been involved with hunting television for years, but mainly as a behind–the-scenes role as producer and editor. With a rapidly growing career, business and family, Tim’s always quick to retreat to the familiar comforts of nature.