On the Road with Rock & Aaron



JULY 24 TUE - 3:00AM
JULY 25 WED - 12:30PM
JULY 29 SUN - 5:30PM
Rock and Steve are in Kentucky looking for a trophy whitetail in velvet.


Hosted by Rock Bordelon and Aaron Lewis, On The Road follows Rock and Aaron as they make the best of their busy schedules to do the things they love.

We travel the country keeping up with Aaron on tour and Rock’s crazy life. You will be behind the scenes of what goes into recording a new album and what it takes to take care of a multi million dollar business, all the while finding time to hunt, fish, or blow off a little steam!

Host & Bios

Rock Bordelon

Rock Bordelon

Rock grew up on the bayou in a small Parrish in Louisiana. He has a wealth of knowledge with wildlife from catching frogs, to hunting ducks, squirrel, rabbits, and deer. He has hunted stalked, trapped and taken game with many methods and weapons alike. While growing up, Rock enjoyed fishing and even raised crawfish traps for income while going to college.

He spent many nights sleeping in a duck blind with his dad, brother and friends to have the best duck spots on public game reserves. Rock currently owns River Run ATV Park and Carey Lake Ranch in Jacksonville, TX. He continues to pursue his passion by visiting his ranch often and keeping up with family hunting and fishing traditions.

Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis

Aaron was born and raised in the backwoods of Vermont. This is where his love and passion for the outdoors, hunting and this country were instilled in him through time spent with his grandfather and father. Aaron in the lead singer for the rock group Staind and is renowned for his songwriting, vocal, and guitar abilities and has been nominated for three Grammys and two CMT awards. In 2011, Aaron released his first solo EP “Town Line”. This venture into Country Music went Gold with his hit single Country Boy and was number one on the CMT video charts.

Aaron’s hobbies include fishing but admits that bowhunting big mature whitetails has taken over as number one. He is an ardent patriot and loves his country and our troops, regularly performing USO concerts to show his appreciation for them.