Out Da’ Bayou


Out Da’ Bayou is a weekly 30-minute lifestyle television show.

The show is based on Louisiana’s most favorite things: food, outdoor adventure, and tourism. Each show will be theme-based and will focus on different aspects of food gathering Louisiana-style. The reality-based shows will take viewers into the marshes, swamps, and the inland and offshore waters of Louisiana in search of the best seafood, wildlife, and crop-based foods we can find!

Host & Bios

John Jackson

John Jackson

John Jackson took his hobby of photography and turned it into a national award winning production company. John is in his 16th year of producing TV, and TV shows that have aired across the country.

John now takes his knowledge of production into the hosting world for the first time with his own show called Out Da’ Bayou! A show based on real reality stories of Louisiana’s hardest working people. A look into the world of what true Louisiana lifestyle is really about.