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A First Safari - All New
Kevin Steele initiates CZ's Kipp Oertle into the ranks of African hunters as Kipp makes his first safari to the famed Kalahari. Come along as Kipp learns what African hunting is all about from PH Harry Claassens and Kevin Steele, as the guys track and stalk gemsbok, black wildebeest, blesbok and zebra across the steaming red sands of this famed hunting destination.

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All in the Family
When Craig Boddington, arguably the world's most experienced hunter, goes on vacation you can bet they're not headed to an amusement park! Instead, Craig and his wife Donna are joined by Craig's daughters Brittany and Caroline on an action packed plains game hunt in South Africa's stunning Eastern Cape. Will age and wisdom win over youth and beauty? You be the judge!


Travel the globe with hosts Craig Boddington, Kevin Steele and Mike Schoby as they pursue the world’s most sought-after big game species from the Colorado Rockies to the dark forests of Hungary and just about everywhere in between.

Featuring high-adrenalin hunts in North America, South America, Africa and Europe. Join their chase for elk, pronghorn, red stag, Eurasian boar, eland, nyala, mule deer, gators, ibex, javalina, predators and more on this season’s exciting new episodes.

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