So many young kids dream of one day having a career in the outdoor world yet there are so many that may give up on those dreams because there is no one out there willing to show them the way. Although there is no rule book and no play book for guiding anyone down the right path, the Pro’s of PRIME are sharing their ideas and telling their stories about how they have each achieved those very same goals for themselves. Prime Pro is looking to help by sharing the various career paths that can be taken for one to finally find for themselves, a life in the archery and outdoor world.

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Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett is also an accomplished hunter and outdoor survivalists and has been from a very early age. A soloist by nature and a man who relishes in the simple things of life. Tim has been involved with hunting television for over a decade and continues to produce several other national television shows both in and out of the hunting world. With a rapidly growing career, business and family, Tim is ever cognizant of the hectic life that surrounds him and is always quick to retreat to the familiar comforts of nature when things seem to get going a little too fast. When asked his thoughts on hunting television in general he says, ‘I would rather hunt than kill any day. Too many shows nowadays get caught up in the need to show kill, kill, kill. The shows that I produce are different in that respect. I want people to remember the 30-minute adventure and story they just watched. Not just the horns in hand at the end of it all.’ Tim Burnett


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