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Ten years after his last bull tag in Nevada, show host Mike Dianda returns in search of another monster. He is joined by his wife Julie, and son/co-host, Joey, as they pursue a bull that brings back memories of past hunts with close friends.


Prime Revolution is a nationally syndicated hunting show on The Sportsman Channel. We are poised to take our show to new heights not only on TV, but also digitally and social. We understand that digital and social is a big part in today’s world and want to help our sponsors and partners reach these goals. Mike Dianda, Clint Capurro and their sons Joey Dianda and Conner Capurro are the Prime Revolution Hosts. They are native Nevadans who share an intense passion for the outdoors, hunting and fishing and want to bring these experiences to you. Our show is full of great hunts and fishing from their state of NV, to places around the world. We are raising the next generation of ethical hunters and conservationists.

Host & Bios

Mike Dianda

Mike Dianda

Mike Dianda is a fifth-generation Nevadan, born and raised. At the age of 5 years old, Mike’s father and uncle began showing him the way of life for an outdoorsman and hunter. The family continues to hunt together to this day, and maintain a bond that most hunters can relate to. During his lifetime, Mike has pursued his hunting passion all over the globe. His points of interest include Alaska, British Columbia, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, New Zealand, as well as all of the Western United States and Mexico.

Clint Capurro

Clint Capurro

Clint Capurro is a fifth-generation Nevadan. He was raised on a ranch in South Reno hunting and fishing with his grandfather until his grandfather passed away at the age of 92. He continues this tradition today and loves hunting and fishing with his family and close friends. He has been an avid water fowler since the age of six. Clint began bow hunting at the age of 15 and continues to bow and rifle hunt across the United States and Canada taking many trophy animals including a Grand Slam of North American wild sheep, elk, mule deer, antelope and other big game animals.