Pure Hunting



Host Willi Schmidt and his co-hosts hunt the way the majority of hunters across the country hunt. They enjoy showing that “Pure Hunting” opportunities still exist for those willing to put forth a little more effort and look past the guides and outfitters where their use is not required. By applying for tags, looking for OTC opportunities and occasionally booking that “bucket list” hunt, they are excited to take you along their story-telling series, Pure Hunting. From the roots of our hunting heritage, to showcasing everything about the hunt and not focusing on the kill. You are invited to join Willi and his friends for Season 7 of their Pure Hunting adventures.

Host & Bios

Willi Schmidt

Willi Schmidt

Willi was a banker for 14 years before leaving to pursue his passion for the outdoors. He loves the outdoors, particularly archery, but is a hunter at heart and is one of the few hunters who hunt with every method.

Prior to starting Pure Hunting, he was a guest host and co-host on other outdoor TV series, but he never felt he was showcasing the way he loved to hunt. He loves taking viewers on his adventures and showing that pure hunting opportunities still exist for those willing to put in the effort.