Reaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt


Reaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt is the first and only tactical, hunting and survival show. We live in the field, stay in the field and live off of what we bring in on our backs or find. We use tactical gear, clothes and weapons that make sense for the hunting world. We hunt a targeted animal and are relentless, using our skills as hunters to survive the elements and terrain and whatever Mother Nature throws at us. We show real world survival skills that everyone can learn and practice.

Host & Bios

Ron "Reaper 01" Bellan

Ron "Reaper 01" Bellan

Master Chief Ron Bellan, call sign (Reaper 01), is the host of a Reaper Outdoors Production called, Survive the Hunt.

As an East Coast Navy SEAL for over 24 years, Master Chief will be bringing the hunt to the extreme by staying in the field in undisclosed locations, using his survival skills and weapon expertise in an exciting and tactical manner, by going after game in extreme environments. He will be demonstrating numerous insertions, extractions and tactical methods utilizing various platforms and assets for Air, Land and Water born to include helicopter, fix wing, off-road vehicle, jumping, swimming, repelling and any means necessary to accomplish the mission.

He has been a hunter and woodsman for his entire life. His experience from multiple deployments in various environments and locations around the world has taught him how to survive and become an elite hunter.

Doug "Reaper02" Datish

Doug "Reaper02" Datish

Doug Datish, call sign (Reaper02), is the Executive Producer of a Reaper Outdoors production called, Survive the Hunt.

Doug grew up in Warren, OH. In his early years he grew up hunting and fishing with his family. He went on to play football and graduate from The Ohio State University. While at OSU he earned a degree in History and was an all Big Ten Academic award recipient. Doug became the only Buckeye Football player to start at least 10 games at 3 different positions (LG, LT, and C). He also earned 1st team Big Ten Honors and was a finalist for the Rimmington Award (Best Center).

Doug was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the 6th round of the 2007 draft. He spent two seasons with the Falcons and one season with the Tennessee Titans before suffering a career ending shoulder injury.

Jon "Reaper03" Bellan

Jon "Reaper03" Bellan

Jon Bellan, call sign (Reaper03), is the CFO and Lead Editor of Reaper Outdoors Productions. On Survive the Hunt he is the secondary camera operator and lead still photographer.

Jon grew up in Westfield, PA with his two brothers, one sister, and his parents. From a young age his father Ron Sr. aka “the Mountainwolf” instilled an appreciation for the outdoors. As a family, they lived off the land through hunting, trapping, and fishing. During his youth the family took a long summer trip to Alaska where they lived in a small cabin. There he gained an appreciation for adventure through their various hunting and gold mining exploits. He would later graduate from Cowanesque Valley High School.

After graduating high school Jon travelled to Florida and worked in construction. From there he moved to New Orleans following his older brother Ron “Reaper01. Today Jon is a successful entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio.

When not out on a Reaper Operation he resides in New Orleans, LA. He lives there with his wife Errin and his daughter.