Rugged Expeditions



If you enjoy hardcore adventure hunting don’t miss Rugged Expeditions with J. Alain Smith. Go to all corners of the planet in pursuit of big game. From the hot steamy jungles of Cameroon and Liberia after buffalo and duikers, to the lofty mountain peaks of Turkey, Pakistan and Siberia for wild sheep and goats.

Featuring expert hunter J. Alain Smith, Rugged Expeditions includes the thrill of the chase and high impact hunting documentary, along with his humorous perspective on life. Smith is one of the most prolific hunters on the planet and has attained the prestigious Weatherby Award.  He brings new perspective to what it’s like to hunt over 250 days a year for some of the world’s most exotic game. Follow J. Alain Smith on Instagram.

Host & Bios

J. Alain Smith

J. Alain Smith

J. Alain Smith is a full time big game hunter, television host and author. Having published three hunting books and three adventure novels along with many magazine articles his creative skills are now focused on his television show Rugged Expeditions.

He’s one of the most prolific hunters ever, having collected over 350 different species from around the world, he continues to hunt and film over 200 days per year. His passion is hunting Cape Buffalo and the mountain species of wild sheep and goats, however, North American game holds a special place in his heart, especially the wily whitetail deer.

J. Alain Smith is an avid conservationist and sits on several conservation organizations boards and supports their efforts in a variety of ways.