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APRIL 21 SAT - 2:30AM
Host Mike Stroff is back in Alaska hunting with Willow Air for brown bear and black bears over bait. This is the same hunt that Mike has made a tradition on Savage Outdoors each year. One thing is for sure, this hunt is full of action-packed bear hunting.


APRIL 23 MON - 7:00AM
APRIL 24 TUE - 9:30AM
APRIL 24 TUE - 10:00PM
APRIL 25 WED - 1:00AM
APRIL 26 THU - 5:00PM
Host Mike Stroff and Uncle Randy are with Big Sky Outfitters looking for some Montana whitetails. This year Mike's stand is surrounded by deer, so he and Randy decide to clump hunt to see if they can get it done.


Come along with hosts Mike Stroff, Jamie Satterfield and the rest of the Savage Outdoors pro-staff as they capture some of the best big game hunts in North America on film!

Host & Bios

Mike Stroff

Mike Stroff

Mike comes from a family that has been in the hunting industry for more than 40 years. His family has owned and operated a number of commercial hunting lodges in different parts of the country over the years and Mike currently is the managing partner of their outfitting businesses in Texas and South Dakota. Mike is all business and has a hard charging personality. Mike is married to Christina Stroff and has a daughter Amelia Stroff who is eight years old and son Michael who is six years old. Mike and his family truly live the outdoor lifestyle.

Jamie Satterfield

Jamie Satterfield

Jamie Satterfield is originally from north Georgia. Jamie is for sure the one that probably doesn’t fit in in this crew at first glance. Jamie has been in the pediatric field over 30 years and currently works in a city practice in south Charlotte, NC. Jamie grew up on a farm in Georgia, but in his adult life the city is where he lives. In his practice he deals with a lot of the who’s who, for example, Carolina Panthers, NASCAR and banking professionals in Charlotte. When time allows and the country boy can leave the city, he sure loves to take advantage of that time.

Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison is a mountain boy turned cowboy from West Virginia. Randy is the character in this crew for sure. After serving in the Air Force, he ended up getting to live his dream and work in the outdoor industry. Randy first worked at a shooting complex and retail facility in North Carolina before joining the outfitting business with Mike’s dad. After 30 years of guiding and outfitting, Randy is the real deal when it comes to hunting. He now lives in Texas and found his true calling as a cowboy. The guys like to tease him and refer to him as Uncle Randy or Yosemite Sam.