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JULY 27 WED - 1:00AM
JULY 29 FRI - 3:00AM
JULY 29 FRI - 2:00PM
Mike Stroff and Jamie Satterfield have the entire Savage Outdoors staff in Illinois hunting on the famous Grigsby Farm. You have seen the SO crew hunting this property for years. It is one of the best whitetail properties in the country. Pro-Staffer Von Ramsey gets an great opportunity with his bow at a giant buck and is able to seal the deal.


AUGUST 2 TUE - 10:00PM
BC STONE SHEEP #2 (2016)
This is part #2 of Mike Stroff hunting with Gundahoo River Outfitters in BC. Week #1 was nothing but bad weather and grueling climbs for the SO crew. After spending 10 days chasing sheep the guys decided they were not going to be able to get their ram and headed home. Week #2 is all about the second trip to try to knock down a big stone sheep. This hunt ends up being Mike's hardest hunt of his career. 2 trips and 22 days in the field to get this ram killed!


Come along with hosts Mike Stroff, Jamie and Jacob Satterfield and the rest of the pro-staff of Savage Outdoors as they capture some of the best big game hunts in North America on film!

Savage Outdoors will detail the full experience of the hunt from start to finish. This is no regular hunting show; you will experience everything the hosts and guests go through as they pursue big game. From deciding where to go, choosing the outfitters, traveling, scouting, and the hunting experience, you will see it all watching Savage Outdoors. Our mission is to show you different hunts all over the country that anyone can do!

Host & Bios

Mike Stroff

Mike Stroff

Mike Stroff  grew up in Jacksonville, North Carolina. After graduating from East Carolina University Mike got his start in the hunting industry running a hunting plantation in South Carolina. This is also where Mike got his start in Outdoor TV on his own show Southern Outdoor Experience.

After eight years of SOE TV Mike and the SOE TV crew made the change to Savage Outdoors. Mike and the Savage Outdoors crew have been doing outdoor TV for 12 years. Mike’s also the owner and operator of SOE HUNTS in Uvalde, Texas. Mike manages over 20 thousand acres of prime whitetail hunting ground in Texas. He also manages 45 thousand acres in South Dakota with his other outfitting business Western Ranch Outfitters. Savage Outdoors airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel.