Simmons Sporting Goods’ All Things Hunting – ATH


JULY 26 THU - 3:00PM
JULY 27 FRI - 2:30AM
JULY 29 SUN - 7:00PM
Kyle and Cole spend a season in Oklahoma chasing a buck that seems to have no bounds on his home range. The buck they named sticker-buck is both elusive and visible through most of the season before a full rut encounter gives them a shot.


Simmons Sporting Goods’ All Things Hunting – ATH is as real as it gets action packed hunting series following Kyle Barefield, Cole Barthel and friends across the country chasing anything in season from big game to waterfowl! Follow them as they show you real-time, reality based content that will make you feel like you are there beside them on every hunt.

Host & Bios

Kyle Barefield

Kyle Barefield

Kyle Barefield, 34, lives in Monroe, LA and is the Co-owner of Resistance Media LLC and the Executive Producer and Editor of All Things Hunting-ATH. He is also an account Manager for InSights Hunting, and Co-Owner of Addicted Outdoors design and manufacturing. Kyle is a workaholic, but tries to hunt everyday of his life if possible. He truly loves to hunt, and is unapologetic for it. God and hunting has always been at the core of his family and both always will be.

Cole Barthel

Cole Barthel

Cole Barthel, 35, from Rayville, LA is a co-owner of Resistance Media LLC, a producer and co-host of All Things Hunting – ATH. Cole’s hunting obsession comes from being introduced to the great outdoors at a very young age by his father. Hunting to Cole means enjoying God’s creations and making life long memories with family and friends.