Simmons Sporting Goods’ All Things Hunting – ATH


AUGUST 20 SUN - 1:30PM
The girls take over the guns and bows for The Resistance Crew and put the guys behind the camera as they head to Texas with Holton Deer Hunts and harvest bucks and does for the wall and freezer.
AUGUST 23 WED - 7:30AM
AUGUST 25 FRI - 2:30AM
Kyle and Cole head north across the border to Manitoba Canada with bows on their first ever bear hunt with Travel Manitoba and Beartrack Outfitters. Kyle and Cole come home with two great black bears!


Simmons Sporting Goods’ All Things Hunting – ATH is an all action, as real as it gets, hunting series brought to you by a group of Southern Men doing what they love, and have been doing their whole lives. Simmons Sporting Goods’ All Things Hunting – ATH follows these men on their journeys across North America grinding day in, and day out hunting both big game and waterfowl with a passion.  Produced in a format that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for what’s next, they take no shortcuts to provide you with a new age hunting series giving all the glory to god for the times they have in the field living out their family’s hunting tradition with the cameras rolling.

Host & Bios

Kyle Barefield

Kyle Barefield

Kyle Barefield 32, lives in Monroe, LA and is the Co-Owner of Resistance Media LLC and the Executive Producer of Simmons Sporting Goods’ All Things Hunting – ATH. He is also the National Retail Sales Account Manager for In Sights Nutrition, and tries to hunt everyday of his life if possible. He truly loves to hunt, and is unapologetic for it. God and hunting has always been at the core of his family and both always will be.

Cole Barthel

Cole Barthel

Cole Barthel, 33, from Rayville, LA is a co-owner of Resistance Media LLC, a producer and host of Simmons Sporting Goods’ All Things Hunting – ATH. Coles obsession hunting comes from being introduced to the great outdoors at a very young age by his father. Hunting to Cole means enjoying God’s creations and making life long memories with family and friends.