With a growing number of new Outdoor Film content in the market, a new opportunity has been created for the Outdoor Filmmaker to gain recognition for their excellence in Short Film. The Outdoor Film Festival was designed to showcase all film submissions by categories hosted by a National Conservation group.

The winning films are then toured across the country at local grass root events held at Sportsman’s Warehouse locations and other events.

The films are then showcased on The Sportsman Channel, giving the Short Film additional exposure to a national audience.


Host & Bios

Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson

Chasing a dream can take years to capture. While in the search mode… and armed with only a vision, Gary Wilson attended his first POMA convention with the referral of wildlife photographer, Tony Bynum.

March 2015 will be  2 year anniversary of that event…and much as become of the vision…(100+) Films submissions, (5) Film Festivals, (150) City Tours, (1) TV show on the  Sportsman Channel and (1) CarbonTV channel.

But more important… Gary has discovered the purpose and meaning of Conservation. His journey has opened his eyes to the inspirational impact films have on fueling our passion for the Outdoors. His mission is to help promote and bring exposure to the Best of the Outdoor Short Films in order to sustain our hunting heritage.