Team Fitzgerald



MAY 31 THU - 9:00AM
JUNE 2 SAT - 12:00AM
JUNE 2 SAT - 8:00AM
The guys bowhunt turkeys, new TRIAX tips and then make amazing smoked turkey deliciousness on their Cabela's pellet smoker, along with homemade vintage cast iron slaw and ice cream!


MAY 26 SAT - 12:00AM
MAY 26 SAT - 8:00AM
More new TRIAX tips. Dan and Guy spot and stalk muley's out West. Jen and the guys cook up a new delish dish in a cast iron!


America’s Father & Son Outdoor Team, Dan and Guy Fitzgerald, are pioneers and ministers in hunting, outdoor, and outdoor cooking video and TV, since 1974! In this series, you will witness real-world outdoor country lifestyle education & entertainment – the way our Creator intended for things to be, with the “throw-back” flavor of vintage ways of country living and self-sustainability. Featuring 100% bow hunting, fishing, meat processing, meat smoking, cast iron cooking and baking, canning techniques for meats, fruits, vegetables and jams, rustic woodworking techniques, organic gardening, classic tractors, classic trucks, land management, and more! This is the way the Fitzgerald’s have lived for generations!

Host & Bios

Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald is a living outdoor legend and perhaps the most well-known living man in the bowhunting realm. Having pursued game instinctively with a bow for more than 65 Years (on video since the 1970’s), Dan is considered by most to be the pioneer of modern day 100% bowhunting entertainment, education and outdoor cooking video and television. Dan is accredited for the inspiring and helping of many of today’s top outdoor personalities in their careers, along with millions of bowhunters across the globe. He is the executive producer of Team Fitzgerald’s vast catalog of video, tv, and online/digital productions, spanning over 4 decades, and the CEO of Team Fitzgerald, Inc., a company that owns and distributes one of the top deer scent lines in the world, available in thousands of stores across the U.S. and Canada, including top outdoor box store chains, such as Cabela’s. Dan is a proud follower of Christ and is an ambassador for some of the biggest companies in the outdoor world, such as Mathews, Cabela’s, Stihl, Carhartt, Polaris, etc.

Guy Fitzgerald

Guy Fitzgerald

Guy Fitzgerald has literally grown up as a personality/crusader in the outdoor industry. Because of Dan’s influence in his life, Guy is one of the most recognized household names in the outdoor industry and one of the top bow shooters in the world, teaching he and Dan’s signature “Totally Instinctive” style of shooting modern day Mathews compounds to a vast audience. Almost every hunter over 30-years-old grew up watching Guy grow up on video and tv. Having made his debut in Dan’s videos in 1983 and with 34 years of documented and filmed experience in the outdoors, Guy has been a hunting co-host in the Fitzgerald Family Video/TV Productions, since the mid-80’s. He joins Dan as a proud Christ follower and ambassador for some of the most prominent companies in the outdoor world, such as Mathews, Cabela’s, Stihl, Carhartt, Polaris, etc. He is the executive producer, director, writer, senior editor and graphic designer for the vast catalog of Team Fitzgerald video, tv, and online/digital productions. Guy is very dedicated to making sure he carries Dan’s “keepin’ it real”, ministerial and family vision and way of production and crusading, into the future. He is also the President of Team Fitzgerald, Inc. and runs the daily operations there.