Come and join The BreakDown crew on their Nationwide Turkey Hunting Adventures. From the up close and personal “In your face” Toms… to the “Tight Lipped” Crafty Old Bird who doesn’t want to give up the Ghost so easy. Its all here…Plus The BreakDown shows you Techniques for bagging them all! From the best kept secrets of the Pro’s to the Ultimate in Gear. The BreakDown Turkey has something for everyone.

Host & Bios

Rob Erwin

Rob Erwin

Rob is the associate Producer of The Resistance TV, and The Lead Producer of the Break Down. He is also a co-editor, and camera man for both shows. As Director of Operations at Southern Game Calls, Rob brings a wealth of Call Design experience to Southern Game Calls.

Over the last decade and a half, he has worked successfully in one way or another with Call Makers, and manufacturers both large and small. Rob is most proud of being a Christian Husband, and father. His upbringing, and Heritage are Farm community values, a warrior’s heart, an outdoorsman’s passion, and the integrity and love passed to him in the words of the bible.