The Breakdown is a series dedicated to “Breaking Down” or dissecting the finer points of waterfowl hunting. From gear to dog work and wild game recipes to stellar hunts. The Breakdown will show you how it all comes together. We will feature pro-tips with The Resistance TV’s Pro Hunt Team, and special guests in every episode.

You’ll get advice on when to call and how to call, decoy sets, and camo for concealment, as well as a look at the best gear to optimize your success…all in use in live hunt situations. You’ll see duck and goose hunting broken down to its bare elements to help make your efforts pay off. You’ll also see some of the best waterfowl hunts ever shown on TV, and its all right here on The Break Down…

Host & Bios

Rob Erwin

Rob Erwin

Rob is the associate Producer of The Resistance TV, and The Lead Producer of the Break Down. He is also a co-editor, and camera man for both shows. As Director of Operations at Southern Game Calls, Rob brings a wealth of Call Design experience to Southern Game Calls.

Over the last decade and a half, he has worked successfully in one way or another with Call Makers, and manufacturers both large and small. Rob is most proud of being a Christian Husband, and father. His upbringing, and Heritage are Farm community values, a warrior’s heart, an outdoorsman’s passion, and the integrity and love passed to him in the words of the bible.

Brad Ruble

Brad Ruble

Brad Ruble is from East Liberty, Ohio. Brad has an aggressive appetite for the outdoors that is only satisfied by time spent in the field. Growing up in Ohio, Brad spent most of his life sharpening his skills and techniques for finding the Buckeye states giant whitetails and running from corn field to corn field trying to stay one step ahead of every flock of geese he could find.

During the off season and between hunts Brad focuses on spending time and enjoying all that life has to offer with his wife and two children. In the future, Brad looks forward to passing down his own hunting heritage to his children along with his core family and religious values.