The Hunt for Big Fish



The Hunt for Fish Classics chronicle the experiences of Hall of Fame angling adventurer Larry Dahlberg,  who most agree is one of the true pioneers of both off the wall angling methods and off the beaten path extreme angling period.

The Classics is simply a fantastic library spanning 20 years, every continent and angling method. It’s also the very first place American television audiences were introduced to species like tigerfish, golden dorado, giant catfish, wolf fish, vampire fish, and techniques like muskies on fly rods, or using kites for fresh water, or making giant beetle spins out of bicycle spokes to catch huge halibut!

Regardless of which species you fish for, or what type of equipment you most enjoy using,  you’re likely to enjoy the wide variety of species, places, and overall fishing know how The Hunt for Big Fish Classics show brings to the table.

Host & Bios

Larry Dahlberg

Larry Dahlberg

Larry began his professional fishing career as a fly fishing guide at age 11.

He began filming The Hunt for Big Fish in 1991, which has since then taken him to 87 countries and covered enough miles to go to the moon and back 5 times; while in the process, capturing on tape dozens of world record sized fish with every type of tackle imaginable.

He’s an inductee of the freshwater fishing hall of fame and a recipient of the prestigious Conservation Award from the International Gamefish Association for the release of so many potential records, and also the James Henshall Award for his contributions to warm water fly fishing.

Larry also designs fishing gear and loves sharing his hobby of lure making in his popular “Larry’s Workshop” segments.

What most experts agree is most remarkable about Larry’s accomplishments is the broad range of species and techniques involved and his ability to transition seamlessly from one fishing discipline to another. Perhaps watching him work his magic will inspire ideas you can take to the water with you.