The Last Stand is an outdoor adventure TV show that will take you along with the hunters and their cameras to get you into the action.
Host Kris Cheater will take you through each hunt from start to finish. He will take you from the thrill of a spring bear hunt to up-close encounters with moose. These hunts will be from different Provinces of Canada, the U.S. and Countries around the world. As you follow our camera across this vast and beautiful land, you’ll feel like you’re part of the hunt. The Last Stand shows the passion we have for hunting. Our goal is to follow this passion and educate those who do not understand why we love the way we live.

Host & Bios

Kris Cheater

Kris Cheater

Kris Cheater grew up on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan in Canada. Surrounded by hard workers and family that hunted as a way of life, he lived among the best of game. Moose, Elk, White Tail and Mule Deer, fishing and an abundance of waterfowl and upland birds. With surrounding like these, it was easy to become addicted to the hunting way of life.

Kris went on yearly hunting trips with his father and after sitting in tree stands, he decided to share his passion and started outfitting trying to share what he was so lucky to live amongst.

After guiding for 15 years and running his bear camp in Northern Saskatchewan, he decided to grab a camera and document his passion and way of life.