The Life by Film the Hunt


APRIL 24 MON - 9:00PM
APRIL 26 WED - 8:00AM
APRIL 27 THU - 3:00AM
APRIL 29 SAT - 2:30AM
The Life hosts their biggest event of the year; The Whitetail Hunt/Learn/Compete in Illinois. Watch as students battle it out and prove how in a video production competition, simply being a good hunter may not be enough to take home the victory.
APRIL 29 SAT - 5:00PM
Video School student Kody Schrum joins Nick and Jason as they go to Kentucky for early season whitetails. Watch as he solo films his first whitetail kill out of a tree stand.


Our memories of the outdoors; the thrill of the chase, the camaraderie at camp, the serenity of the campfire – this is what The Life by Film the Hunt is about. The Life by Film the Hunt shares stories of hunters, past & present, indoors & outdoors. All that makes up this lifestyle that we love so much – The Life of a Hunter.

Host & Bios

Nick Ventura

Nick Ventura

Nick has produced shows on almost every outdoor network and has a knack for creating stories and pulling out emotion that draws in an audience. He has made his living as a field producer and editor in the outdoor industry, and has worked with some of the top shows in the business.

Tom Petry

Tom Petry

Tom’s background in outdoor television stretches out more than 15 years. Tom is more recently known for his passion to educate others in Outdoor Video & Production. He has taught many individuals, that currently make their living today in the outdoor industry and will admit that for him to continue to reach his goals, means he is helping others, to reach theirs. They say those who can’t do, teach. However, Tom was genetically engineered to do both and loves every second of what he does.