The Lindsey Way



JULY 22 SUN - 8:00PM
JULY 23 MON - 4:30AM
Still in Colorado, the crew lays down some of the most memorable elk hunting they've ever encountered. David takes it to the bottom of the ninth for a hunt of a lifetime.
JULY 23 MON - 8:30AM
JULY 25 WED - 12:00PM
JULY 27 FRI - 3:00AM
JULY 27 FRI - 4:00PM
JULY 29 SUN - 8:00PM
After a slow early season in Iowa, David brings out the decoy for a buck that showed up on the Spartan Cell cam. A 170" whitetail makes a mistake and picks a fight he cannot finish.


Growing up in the South, the Lindseys learned early in life that hunting is an important part of their heritage. It gave them a chance to combine some of their favorite things: family, friends, and nature.

The Lindsey Way features David and Jeff Lindsey as they share their way of life, passion, and stories about the whitetails they hunt.

Host & Bios

David Lindsey

David Lindsey

David Lindsey is no stranger to harvesting big bucks on film. He has been blessed to harvest 3 bucks over 200”, all in front of a camera. He was a Drury Outdoors team member for 8 years and teamed with Jeff to compete on Dream Season for 4 of those years. He loves managing his ground for whitetails year round and is always trying to improve their habitat.  David lives in southern Iowa on his family farm with his wife Wanda and they are enjoying the country life, farming, running his home building company and spending time with his four grandkids.

Jeff Lindsey

Jeff Lindsey

Growing up in the south, Jeff learned early in life that hunting is an important part of his heritage. It gave him a chance to combine some of his favorite things: family, friends, and nature. Jeff got his start filming turkey hunts in the spring as a teenager and later spent 8 years with Drury Outdoors, 4 of those years on the award-winning TV show Dream Season.  These roots spawned Jeff’s desire to do more than just have a camera in the tree to capture the hunts. He wanted to document the stories behind the bucks and show his family’s lifestyle that revolves around God, family and whitetails.   Jeff now resides in southern Iowa with his wife, Ashley, and son, Cash. They also own a construction and real estate business which keeps them busy throughout the year.