AUGUST 24 SUN - 7:00AM
AUGUST 29 FRI - 11:30AM
Leysath takes in a Sacramento, California Game Feed. Hank Shaw makes antelope heart schnitzel, Melissa Bachman has some great info, Stacy Harris deals with the chickens, Cee Dub makes rib-stickin' cuisine, Miguel Valdez cooks shrimp and Buddy goes green.!


AUGUST 22 FRI - 11:30AM
AUGUST 23 SAT - 3:30AM
Hank Shaw shows how to poach quail legally and the Leysath smokes them. Chef Miguel Valdez makes a simple halibut recipe that you can use with any fish, Jamie Susslin puts the bacon to some duck breasts, Alan Clemons mends fences, Cee Dub tells you how you can save some money on something that'll last forever and Buddy gets it on with some summer sausage

Host & Bios

Scott Leysath

Scott Leysath

From a strong foundation as a restaurateur and corporate restaurant chain VP, Chef Leysath has built a reputation as one of the leading experts in fish and game cookery. Leysath began his TV cooking career on both sides of the camera in 1998 on HGTV’s “Home Grown Cooking.” A few years later, he became a permanent fixture on outdoor TV with the original “Sporting Chef” TV show. Chef Scott is a cookbook author, columnist, speaker and the Cooking Editor for Ducks Unlimited Magazine.

Leysath lives in northern California, but spends a considerable amount of time on the water and in the woods, hosting TV shows, conducting fish and game seminars and making personal appearances.


You brought it home, now what? Find out how to transform anything with fur, fins and feathers into delicious table fare in what’s been called “the fastest half-hour on outdoor television.” Veteran wild game cooking expert Scott Leysath leads a pack of professional and home chefs, cookbook authors and outdoor experts on a quest to discover the best recipes, tips and techniques that will make the most of your fish and game from the field to the table. Each week, Chef Leysath is joined by an engaging and diverse group of contributors from award-winning fine dining chefs to down home rednecks. From trophy antlered game to a cooler full of catfish, The Sporting Chef shows the way to make it all taste great.

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