The Zone with James Brion and Tim Herald is a big game hunting show dedicated to bringing you the highest quality hunts from the best locations, all in stunning high definition. Tim and james will take viewers along as they travel from Alaska to Arizona and BC to Nebraska in search of the best big game hunting the world has to offer. Brion and Herald are both fanatical adventure hunters, and species such as Stone sheep, Brown bear and huge bull moose are among their favorites, but each season they both get back to their roots and spend quite a bit of time hunting monster whitetails.

Host & Bios

James Brion

James Brion

James Brion-Producer, Host: James has spent two decades building one of the most successful deer and turkey hunting outfits in America, Gobble n Grunt Outfitters. From there he became a hunting consultant and television producer. His love of high adventure hunting has taken him to places from Kamchatka to New Zealand, Tanzania to British Columbia.

In addition to big game species taken in Africa, Russia and New Zealand, James has hunted over 2/3rds of the North American 29. His passion is taking a television audience on an adventure and making them “feel” the experience.

Tim Herald

Tim Herald

Tim Herald-Executive Producer, Host: Tim has been hunting big game throughout the world for 30 years while making his living full time as an outdoor writer, TV host and hunting consultant. Tim co-hosts “The Zone”, with James Brion. Herald has harvested 25 wild turkey grand slams, hunted in 35 states, 6 Canadian Provinces, as well as making numerous trips to international destinations.

While in Africa, Herald has harvested 4 of the Big 6. Herald has written hundreds of magazine articles and has worked as marketing manager for major outdoor companies over the years. Promoting quality products, destinations, and great television are among his strongest attributes