The LEGACY program is about exploring the human element, capturing the moment on film as a hunter battles an arduous climb up the steep mountains of Spain for Ibex; or volunteers to wrestle desert bighorn sheep into a helicopter in an effort to save the species in the deserts of Arizona; or is simply making points with friends around a camp fire about which caliber of bullet is best for hunting whitetail deer.   Viewers will experience ten hour horseback safaris in British Columbia hunting Mountain Goats; or simply sit down with the Ernest Hemingway Museum curator to discuss the life of the legendary writer and fisherman after a wonderful day chasing tarpon in the beautiful turquoise waters of Key West.

Host & Bios

Angelo Baio

Angelo Baio

Like many outdoorsmen Angelo dreamed of expressing his adventures in print. Encouraged by legendary outdoorsman Larry Weishuhn, Angelo published his first magazine article that lead to an amateur career as a writer.  Angelo also dabbled in hunting television which fueled the fire for producing engaging film that later paved the way for his latest project with the Wild Sheep Foundation in a TV pilot called the LEGACY.

Taking his skill as an wildlife educator and youth conservation mentor,  Angelo became the creator and emissary of the LEGACY Club whose primary goal is to deliver the message of paying tribute for the outdoor experience.  Followers can express their gratitude for a hunt and the wildlife with the placement of LEGACY Stone marker and share the experience with family and friends on the LEGACY Club web page.