Trailing the Hunter’s Moon


MAY 28 SUN - 10:30PM
Blake has hunted Namibia numerous times with Omujeve Safaris, and he's back this time to hunt wildebeest and waterbuck. The brush and thorn country of central Namibia has great bounty. But is Blake up for the challenge?
MAY 30 TUE - 1:30AM
MAY 31 WED - 6:30PM
JUNE 1 THU - 5:30PM
JUNE 4 SUN - 10:30PM
Farmland mixed with creek bottoms could be the home of whitetail deer, but this time Larry and friends are in Sweden looking for monster roe deer. Diminutive, handsome but also extremely challenging, that's Swedish roe deer!


“Trailing the Hunter’s Moon”, hosted by life-long outdoorsman, Larry Weishuhn, is a celebration of a big game hunting lifestyle! Experience the challenges, thrills and joys of pursuing big game with rifle and pistol throughout the world. Watching “Trailing the Hunter’s Moon” you’ll practically smell the African dust, the aromatic breeze blowing through pines and firs, feel the aching muscles of a long stalk, and the satisfaction of making that perfect shot!

With the look, feel and sound of a classic cinematic production, “Trailing the Hunter’s Moon” entertains, but also informs and leaves you wanting more!

Host & Bios

Larry Weishuhn

Larry Weishuhn

Larry, known as “Mr. Whitetail”, has spent much of his life pursuing big game species throughout the world with rifle and handgun. He began his career as a professional wildlife biologist in Texas, establishing quality wildlife management programs, which quickly expanded from whitetails to big game throughout North America, Africa, New Zealand and Europe.

Along the way he became one of America’s most popular and respected outdoor writers, who turned to television shows; host and producer of numerous award winning and extremely popular outdoor shows. Larry, a Professional Member of the Boone & Crockett Club and National Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame inductee enjoys making the viewer feel like they are right at his side, experiencing all he does!