Turkey Man


MAY 24 WED - 6:00AM
MAY 27 SAT - 8:00PM
MAY 29 MON - 2:00AM
The Turkey Man finishes up Nate Hosie's haircut as the tell tall turkey tales from Ohio and Florida.
MAY 30 TUE - 5:30PM
MAY 31 WED - 6:00AM
Randy Birdsong makes the long trip down to Alabama to get a haircut by the Turkey Man himself and tells Eddie about his turkey season in Tennessee.


Forget turkey hunting shows of the past! Presented by Flextone Game Calls, “Turkey Man” — hosted by Eddie Salter — brings a new level of real-life excitement to turkey hunting TV. Fast-action tales take viewers alongside Eddie Salter in his passion-filled pursuit of wild turkeys. Each episode features multiple adrenaline-fueled adventures with high-profile celebrities, professional hunters, families, friends, children, and the average Joe.

Hunting legend Eddie Salter has viewers on the hunt for their own turkey treks after an episode of Flextone’s Turkey Man.

Host & Bios

Eddie Salter

Eddie Salter

Eddie Salter, of Evergreen, Alabama, began hunting at the age of eight. Using the techniques taught to him by his father and grandfather, Eddie managed to take his first turkey at the age of 10. That early success has led to a 45-year love affair with turkeys and the sport of turkey hunting. He began competitive turkey calling in 1981, and his passion for the art of the call have taken him coast to coast in pursuit of turkeys, deer, and other wild game.

An influential member of many industry pro staffs, Eddie travels the country giving deer and turkey seminars at stores, conferences and churches, imparting his knowledge, experiences, secrets and never-give-up attitude, while sharing his passion for the outdoors with his homegrown flare and hard-hitting anecdotes.