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OCTOBER 22 MON - 11:00PM
Today on Western Extreme, we'll travel to Africa.
OCTOBER 29 MON - 11:00PM
Today on Western Extreme, we're in the Mexico sun.


Each week, Jim Burnworth takes you all over the world as he hunts big game. In his upcoming season he will be hunting throughout Alaska, Canada, Mexico, North America and South Africa. He is both a bow and rifle hunter and definitely keeps us entertained as we follow him through his adventures all in high-definition. This year Jim’s guests include the famous and incredible hunting and gun rights activist Ted Nugent along with Keith Mark from MacMillan River on an awesome moose hunt in the Yukon. Ray Bunney, of Adventures Abroad, goes on some very tense and exciting safaris in Africa. He also has some more hunts with his family, his sons travel to various locations with him and he also takes his oldest daughter on a whitetail hunt that you won’t want to miss.

Jim, through his production company, Media Jungle, produces several shows for Outdoor Channel as well as multiple commercials within the outdoor industry. Jim’s crew with their 1080p High Definition Cameras travel with him in order to capture every minute of Jim’s hunting experience. Media Jungle’s commitment to top quality programming puts Western Extreme in a class of its own.

This year promises to be once again, educational as well as entertaining as Jim takes you along with him on some of the most exciting hunts for some of the biggest game on TV. Lots of BIG GAME all taken fair chase, you won’t want to miss what is coming this year with Jim Burnworth.


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Host & Bios

Jim Burnworth

Jim Burnworth

Jim was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has always had a love for the great outdoors. He has hunted and fished his entire life. Jim is happiest when he is hunting the high-country for mule deer or the back-country for elk. He always says that the ability to go back country hunting is like nothing else he has ever experienced in his life and he looks forward to these hunts year after year. As a kid, Jim spent endless days hunting and fishing and remembers his 12th birthday being the biggest birthday of all because he could finally hunt. He says, “The days that he took his first buck and his first bull rank up there with his wedding day and the days that his 5 kids were born. For over 15 years, Jim and his wife, Lorrie owned and operated a large production facility in Southern California. He worked with an enormous list of clients from Chevrolet, Pepsi, and the US military, to ESPN and Fox network. He ran his multi-camera production trucks all over the country facilitating large events for many large corporations. Jim moved from Southern California 5 years ago with his wife of over 20 years and their family to relocate to Eastern Washington. This afforded him the ability to focus wholly on what he truly loves, hunting & fishing while filming. Jim is using his natural-God given talent as well as his many years of experience to bring the best high quality product to tape. Jim is a highly ethical man and loves to introduce and teach others about hunting and fishing and the incredible outdoors. He personally works to bring as many new hunters into this industry as he possibly can each year and encourages others to do the same. It is obvious that he is doing what he was truly designed to do. He considers himself a very blessed man. He does what he loves and loves what he does.