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Follow Rich Baugh on his first hunt of the year. Two shooters come into bow range, but only one leaves due to the divine integrity of a WP Land Specialist.


Founded in 2007, Whitetail Properties has exploded into North America’s top place to buy and sell recreational hunting, ranch, farm, and timber land. This fact was cemented in 2014 with more than $420 million in sales and being named one of “America’s Best Brokerages” by The Land Report for the third year in a row.

Whitetail Properties enlists a staff of hard-working, knowledgeable and passionate Land Specialists who showcase big buck action in more than 20 states on Whitetail Properties TV, which was named the “Best Educational/Informational” show at the 2013 Sportsman’s Choice Awards.

Host & Bios

Dan Perez

Dan Perez

A native of Florida, Dan Perez cut his teeth chasing deer and hogs in the swamps and farmland of the sunshine state. It was his deep passion for land and a desire to chase the biggest deer in the country that brought him to the legendary Pike County, IL. Since his move to the Midwest, Dan’s quest for mature bucks has earned him over 50 whitetails that exceed Pope and Young’s minimum qualifications. Exclusively hunting these old monarchs has provided him a much greater opportunity to study and refine his proficiency as a big buck predator. All the information Dan conveys on the Whitetail Properties TV show and in his written work is learned firsthand. His lifelong romance with the outdoors has lead Dan to an even deeper relationship with every aspect of God’s creation – dirt, trees, leaves, water, production land and wildlife. Dan continues as the CEO, TV show host and broker at Whitetail Properties Real Estate, specializing in hunting, farm, ranch and timber property across the country.