The Appalachian Region has some of the toughest terrain in North America, and ranks relatively low in Pope and Young Whitetail harvests. Join hosts Kenny and Aharon Davis, and other Winchester Archery ProStaff members as they attempt to do something no other television has, consistently harvest mature Whitetails on film with a bow in the Appalachian Mountains.

Their primary focus is Appalachian Whitetails, but you will see them travel to various parts of North America chasing other big game animals as well. Don’t miss this action packed series as these good ol’ boys from West Virginia grab their Winchester Bows and attempt to defy all odds.

Host & Bios

Kenny Davis

Kenny Davis

Whitetail Frenzy host Kenny Davis was born in Cabin Creek, West Virginia. After a successful football career at West Virginia State University and graduating with a degree in criminal Justice, he went on to play a few years of professional and semi-professional football, even winning a couple national championships with the West Virginia Lightning.

After leaving the gridiron, Kenny was able to devote more time to a lifelong passion of outdoor videography and bow hunting. He loves to travel across North America chasing big game with his Winchester bow, but has made a name for himself as being one of the first and only people to consistently harvest mature whitetails on film in the Appalachian Mountains.