Aaron Neilson

Aaron Neilson literally grew up in the hunting business. His home in Denver Colorado sits in some of the west’s best big game country and it was here that Aaron, at age 19 started his professional career as a guide for the regions most sought after species, deer and elk. In his early 20’s, he had established his own outfitting business, which he ran successfully until 2006. Many of Americas most well known outdoorsmen, including numerous outdoor television personalities have traveled to eastern Colorado to hunt that areas huge whitetail and mule deer with his operation. In 2000 Aaron established an international hunting consulting business in conjunction to his North American operations. Aaron has hunted extensively throughout most of the world, including most of North America, the South Pacific, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and is approaching the 35 African safari mark. Aaron has established himself as one of the hunting worlds leading experts on lion hunting and conservation. In addition, Aaron is the rare American citizen that holds a Professional Hunters license in Tanzania.

As host of Trijicon’s World Of Sports Afield, Aaron is natural in front of the camera and relishes the opportunity to share his passion for big game adventure both at home, as well as the remote corners of the globe with growing family of Sportsman Channel viewers.