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Al McGlashan

World famous for his fishing antics Aussie fisho’ and cameraman Al McGlashan takes us on a wild ride. Battling the elements and the wildest seas in pursuit of the biggest, fastest and toughest fish that swim Downunder. No other show had ever seen anglers go to such extremes and best of all it is all done in local Aussie waters. There were no expensive charter boats in far off locales, instead StrikezoneTV does it all out of a 20 foot trailerboat, including one of the biggest tuna ever caught in Australia!

Al maybe the host but he pulls together some of the best anglers in the country to create a fresh new approach that captures the true passion and beauty of angling. With some of the latest camera technology StrikezoneTV has achieved a unique multi view which gives audiences the best angle both above and below the surface!

Al’s insatiable passion for all things wet has taken the show beyond just angling. Not just content on catching fish the team dive in with sperm whales, swim with giant tuna and even hand fed stingrays the size of car bonnets.

No other show makes fishing seem so much fun and with Al’s larakin antics there is no shortage of laughs. StrikzoneTV is highly informative and is guaranteed to not only improve your fishing but also inspire you to get outdoors and go fishing.