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Craig Boddington

Craig Boddington was born and raised in Kansas, where his early big-game experience, in the mid-1960s, included pronghorn and mule deer in Wyoming, whitetail and mule deer in Kansas, and mule deer in Colorado. When not involved with hunting and shooting, much of his early years were spent in Boy Scout activities.

A member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, he attended the University of Kansas on an NROTC scholarship, graduating with an English degree and a regular commission in the United States Marine Corps. His outdoor writing career began in college and continued while on active duty. In 1979, he joined Petersen Publishing Company, where he served as Associate Editor, Guns & Ammo magazine; Editor, Guns & Ammo Specialty Publications; Executive Editor, Petersen’s Hunting magazine; and from 1983 to 1994 Editor of Petersen’s Hunting magazine. His current position with OSG is Executive Field Editor, including Guns & Ammo, Petersen’s Hunting, and RifleShooter. He has been a co-host on Guns & Ammo TV since its inception.