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Mary O'Neill Phillips

Mary O’Neill Phillips is an Australian entertainer and outdoors-woman who has worked across a range of dramatic, radio, and lifestyle programs. Splitting her time between Nashville, and Australia, Mary has built a strong reputation in the world of country-music through her digital platform, Honey On The Railroad and the Country Outdoors Podcast. She has worked many of the industry’s biggest events as a blogger, red carpet host and on-air personality on several major television networks. Her faith, good humor and hard work ethic have been crucial to her perseverance in the entertainment industry for the better part of 13 years and have seen her work on productions in Australia and the United States including The Bachelor. Mary’s Australian accent and indomitable spirit are her trademarks. She hopes to inspire other’s with sharing stories with her friends along the way and encourage women to get involved in hunting and grow the outdoor sporting lifestyle.