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Stephen West

Ever since the moment he could walk, Stephen West has been hooked on exploring the outdoors. Growing up on a ranch in southern Texas, Stephen’s dad began taking him on hunting trips from the age of four, and it was this environment that sparked Stephen’s attraction to hunting. The journey did not end there though, and as Stephen grew older his passion turned into more than just a hobby, it became a way of life. Now, Stephen lives on the family ranch in Texas, and when he’s not working at home, he’s either out hunting himself, or guiding other hunters through some of the hardest to reach terrain in North America. Although the harvest is the end goal of any hunting trip, that isn’t what draws him to the sport. For Stephen, hunting is about respect for the wilderness around him, pushing himself past his own physical and mental limits, and being able to share his experiences with people that hold the same passions as he does. Stephen is now more determined than ever to continue on his journey, and his sense of exploration will lead him to some of the wildest and most dangerous areas of the world. Whether he’s back at the family ranch, or out on a hunt, nothing will stop him from growing his knowledge of hunting and his obsession with the outdoors. Stephen’s priorities in life are clear, and his love for his family comes through as strongly as his love for the wild. No matter what the situation, Stephen approaches his work with the same values he grew up with; respect, passion, and determination. It’s both his knowledge and respect for the wild that are key to his success, and on West of Texas, he will constantly redefine his own limits through his adventures. Stephen’s journey will lead him to meet new people, all with different pasts and stories, place him in situations that will test him on the highest levels, and in the end, bring him home where he can spend crucial time back on the ranch with his family and friends.

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